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February 23, 2009 by The__Goo
My issue is that after installing Object Desktop on my Vista x64 system, namely Icon Packager...  various icons throughout the system are blank.  I mean blank  by the default icon is used.  Vista uses an icon that looks like paper with the corner folded over.

The first thing I tried to do is changing the Vista default icons to some theme but the result ended up setting the icons that were blank to the themes default blank icon.  I noticed the iconcache....
February 19, 2007 by The__Goo
I am trying to download stardock central, i just reinstalled my OS and i was trying to get SDC, but I keep getting the 404 error after i klik on the download button. whats up an error page. Anyone know a quick fix, its been doing it all day long
January 24, 2007 by The__Goo
Ok here we go again... someone is asking about multi-monitors

My questions is...

First, can you (regarding the bootscreen) get the the image to appear on all monitors or just the default. I have to assume you can only show on the default, due to the fact that the video drivers haven't loaded. right ???

Second, can you make the logon screen (logonstudio) get the the image to appear on the other monitors, either by creating a logon resolution to span, or maybe assigning images to the ot...
April 28, 2006 by The__Goo
I was just wondering if anyone has made, an object for OBJ Dock, or a Widget, or something to have a mouse meter. I see alot of meter for batteries regarding battery life for a laptop, but with the surge of wireless mice and keyboards, it sure would be nice to have a battery meter for those. Anyone else seen one, or maybe someone can make one. Just a thought.